What’s the Time Travel Buddy System?

It’s important to us that nobody time-travels alone, so everyone who joins us at Futuref2ck needs to register in advance with either one or two buddies. This ensures that everyone who walks in the door has somebody watching their back to make sure they don’t get hurt or sucked into an interdimensional void, and somebody keeping them accountable for their own behavior towards fellow travelers.

You and your buddy or buddies must each register listing each other in the appropriate field in your registration form so that we know you’re all planning to attend together. You should arrive at the event with your buddy or buddies and keep an eye on them over the course of the night. You will not be let in the door alone! We also recommend that you leave together, although that’s just a suggestion and will not be enforced.

If you are injured or in distress, your buddy is the first person we’ll look for, and if you behave inappropriately or hurt someone else, you and your buddy will both be held accountable. So you want to make sure to only buddy up with people you trust!

Will Futuref2ck have a bar?

We are set up to sell beer and wine, but we do caution you to avoid excessive intoxication. You have 364 other days in the year to get hammered, and if it seems like you’re impaired to the point where you can’t effectively negotiate or give consent, or you are putting yourself or others in danger, or you are acting inappropriately, we will gently put you in a cab home.

What’s this porn?

The Oh Files / Pornography from the ETLE Universe is being screened from 7:30 to 9:00 PM on October 3rd in the same venue as Futuref2ck.
You can find out more information and buy tickets here.

Millk chugging, mylar, slow motion resonance, filling and being filled; these are just a few of the images that flood AORTA films’s first feature, The Oh Files, starring Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock.

Parts Authority starts things off with a live performance of their 1ND3X, and Ginny Woolf and Xposed Brick play with voyeurism and slow-motion fantasy in SOLO/DUO. Toxic Shock and Erykah Ohms heat things up as they try on different parts in DIGITAL GENITALS, and later Parts Authority joins in to bring them to a screaming orgasm in the strap-on, fisting, and hitachi three-way MYLAR FUCKING. In AWKWARD EDGES Toxic Shock and Xposed Brick push through awkwardness to intimacy, and then Ginny Woolf, Parts Authority, and Erykah Ohms finish off the feature wet, white, and drippy in MILLK BURLESQUE.

Let yourself be filled // let your future self do the filling.

Your future is coming.

Where is Futuref2ck?

Fort Greene, Brooklyn. You’ll get the exact address in your invitation.

I don’t like to plan ahead. Can I just show up?

Nope. If you don’t register in advance, you won’t be on the list. We hate to turn people away at the door, but you are hereby warned.

Didn’t you already throw a party called Futurefuck?

Time travel can lead to déjà vu. Don’t worry about it!

What is the ETLE Universe?

The A.O. Movement Collective's ETLE Universe is a queer/feminist cyborg time travel epic…thing…uniting over 50 collaborating artists in the creation of an original body of work. Initiated in 2012, the Universe is a maximalist investigation into collective authorship, queer narrative structure, and sustainable artmaking, and will premiere 10 intersecting works Spring 2014—Winter 2015.

The ETLE Universe is a network of original science fiction(s) - an entire universe of intersecting narratives and characters revolving around a time-traveling rebel cyborg known as ETLE. Over the project's three-year lifespan, the ETLE Universe will premiere ten distinct works, each in a different media: an evening-length performance, a fashion show, a graphic novel, pornography, a photography installation, a collection of 3D-printed jewelry, fiction, academic essays, an immersive multiplayer gaming experience, and a concept soundtrack. In doing so, the ETLE Universe attempts to create a dynamic network of art that is culturally impactful, maximalist, and antiephemeral.

September 25th through October 10th is a 3-week festival of programing, premiering the following four works of the Universe. Audiences can expect full roster of events, including the premieres of the AOMC's ETLE and the Anders, music performances of the Universe's Concept Soundtrack from Idgy Dean, fashion shows from Walter Dundervill and Jeff Poulin, the screening of the ETLE Universe porn, as well as parties, workshops, talks, gallery hours, and more. We are thrilled to have a full month to transform the space into an intentional creative community, and look forward to creating a home for the Universe's works and growing community. A full calendar of the events can be found here.

To Attend the Screening of The Oh Files before Futuref2ck, Buy Tickets Here!