Accountability Policy

At (present), we seek to move towards a meaningful community built on a foundation of mutual trust and care. The trust and care that are foundational to our work here are expressed in ways that require deep and radical vulnerability and expose us to risk.

We use a wide variety of tools, including those outlined in our consent policy, to prevent consent violations, miscommunication, abuse, coercion, or other types of harm. As we use these tools, however, we recognize that no amount of care and prevention work can completely remove the risk of a harmful or traumatic experience.

For that reason, Mythical Events has the following policies and procedures for the reporting of, response to, and accountability around consent incidents and other harmful incidents.

We are committed to listening to you and believing what you tell us. We have a broad understanding of what constitutes a reportable incident. We know that it is not possible to clearly define the boundaries of what experiences can be harmful or traumatizing, and so we trust you to know what you need. Whether you want to be part of a healing and accountability process or you don’t even want an email response to your complaint, your needs are our priority.

We are committed to your safety. If your safety and trust have been violated while under our care, we take responsibility and will do what we can to make it right. This means prioritizing your safety, your empowerment, and your agency in every part of the process and maintaining your confidentiality consistent with the needs you tell us.

We are committed to working through the complexity of these situations with you. We recognize that these incidents can happen in a large variety of ways, and that the intent of the person responsible and the impact on the person affected are not the same. In our response to incidents, we gather information about both, with our highest priority being the safety and healing of the person affected.

We are committed to prioritizing healing over punishment. We are working against the idea that "you’ve hurt someone" means the same thing as "you are a bad person." We work against disposability by giving people who have caused harm opportunities to grow and tools to set themselves apart from people who are unwilling to be accountable. While we have the power to exclude people from our space if they render it less physically, emotionally, or psychologically safe, we reject the idea that that exclusion is the only way, or is always the right way, of responding to harm.

We are committed to the long haul. There is no time limit for you to use these avenues of communication. You can get in touch days, weeks, or years after an incident if that’s when you realize you need to or decide you’re ready to. We will listen.

We have several ways that individuals who seek support around a harmful incident can reach out to us, and we encourage you to use whichever one best suits your safety and comfort needs.

No information of any kind shared through this form will be passed along to any third party without the express, affirmative consent of the participant.

The form is an opportunity to share your experience, concerns, needs, and any other kind of feedback, and direct the responsive process. We want to hear from you – no concern is too small to deserve our attention, and your agency and choice will be the first priority every step of the way.

You can participate anonymously. You will have the opportunity to share your contact information and indicate if you would like to receive support, or information about opportunities for future participation in alternative justice or healing processes, but you dont have to.

Under no circumstances will any identities shared through this form be provided to the organizers, the person named in your complaint, or any third party without your express and affirmative consent. Protecting you from retaliation is a high priority for us. If you choose not to provide your contact information, any information that you share will be handled according to the best practices recommended by our community ethics advocate.

Because these situations are each unique, complex, and multifaceted, we cannot guarantee any one-size-fits-all solution. We have the capacity to take various meaningful steps, including facilitating conversations and justice or healing processes, referring a person to ongoing education or other resources, and placing conditions on participation in future Mythical Events and activities. We do have the ability to temporarily or permanently remove or restrict the membership of someone whose presence reduces the overall safety of our space, but exclusion is not our first or only tool. Rather, we are committed to the growth and learning of our community, and we recognize that growth and learning happen through mistakes, missteps, and accountability.

We know that every person who attends one of our events is putting enormous trust in us. We are grateful for that trust, and we strive to be worthy of it.