What’s the Time Travel Buddy System?

It’s important to us that nobody time-travels alone, so everyone who joins us at Futurefuck needs to register in advance with either one or two buddies. This ensures that everyone who walks in the door has somebody watching their back to make sure they don’t get hurt or sucked into an interdimensional void, and somebody keeping them accountable for their own behavior towards fellow travelers.

You and your buddy or buddies must each register listing each other in the appropriate field in your registration form so that we know you’re all planning to attend together. You should arrive at the event with your buddy or buddies and keep an eye on them over the course of the night. You will not be let in the door alone! We also recommend that you leave together, although that’s just a suggestion and will not be enforced.

If you are injured or in distress, your buddy is the first person we’ll look for, and if you behave inappropriately or hurt someone else, you and your buddy will both be held accountable. So you want to make sure to only buddy up with people you trust!

The title of the party says “gay space communism” and I don’t identify as gay. Am I still welcome?

Yes. Fully automated gay space communism is a meme and Futurefuck is a queer space that uses any definition of the word “queer” that you do. We considered changing it to “queer space communism” but somehow that’s 11,000% less funny.

I'm not a communist. Am I still welcome?

As long as you’re not a capitalist.

I’m not from space. Am I still welcome?

Being from space is non-negotiable, sorry.

Will Futurefuck have a bar?

We will have some beverages available for sale, but we do caution you to avoid excessive intoxication. You have 364 other days in the year to get hammered, and if it seems like you’re impaired to the point where you can’t effectively negotiate or give consent, or you are putting yourself or others in danger, or you are acting inappropriately, we will gently put you in a cab home.

Where is Futurefuck?

Ceentral Brooklyn, easily accessible from Atlantic Center. You’ll get the exact address in your invitation.

I don’t like to plan ahead. Can I just show up?

Nope. This sort of work involves very specific calculations and we can’t bring along anybody we haven’t accounted for in advance. If you don’t register in advance, you won’t be on the list. We hate to turn people away at the door, but you are hereby warned.

Didn’t you already throw a party called Futurefuck?

Time travel can lead to déjà vu. Don’t worry about it!

What do you mean, time travel?

When we talk about “magic” in the promotional material we don’t mean like friendship is magic.

Was that a callback to Myth 3?


That was very clever.

Thanks. But in all seriousness, please come expecting ritual – and bring your own!