Mythical Events and the Agdistine Order Present:

Futurefuck 3: Fully Automated Gay Space Communism

2017 is a fascist hellscape and the past is even worse. The only solution is HOPE, and when we say HOPE we mean TIME TRAVEL and when we say TIME TRAVEL we mean QUEER MAGIC.

We call to the possibility space, the hub that holds the space between now and the multifarious futures, the time outside of time. We call to the branching futures that lay ahead of us like forks of lightning and we open our bodies and our spirits to let them enter.

We call to our future selves to reach back to us and guide us through, to pull us into the future where we live and thrive in the abundance of our liberated bodies and our post-scarcity sex. We invoke our future selves to possess us and show us the way home.

What will you be when all the cities have become mausoleums and the green bits and fourlegged creatures have returned to dominance? A hundred – a thousand – ten thousand years from now, what will your body be? What will it feel like?

What will your sex look like when the eternities of a regenerating earth are opened up before you? How will it feel to inhabit our reinvented bodies in a postscarcity world? In Futurefuck, we let the future fill us so we can survive the present.

Our journey will begin on June 24th at a Brooklyn location which will be disclosed to you in your invitation. Doors will open at 21:00 and close at 22:00; our time machine needs everyone on board before our journey can begin.

Futurefuck is a screened event and you must fill out this registration form to attend. Mythical Events are committed to creating an anti-oppressive space, to holding anti-white supremacist, anti-transmisogynist, anti-ableist, and consent-focused boundaries around the space that we create. We take the worldbuilding opportunity of the play party to imagine a safe space for people who have experienced trauma, for trans and gender variant people, and for people whose sexualities, bodies, and desires have been stigmatized, marginalized, or made them the subject of violence. We work to foster and effectuate a way of interacting with each other that prioritizes each individual’s safety and agency.

Entrance to Futurefuck is $15, or $10 if you put in an hour of volunteering, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. If you can’t do $10, drop us a line beforehand and let us know how we can support you.

Please note: In order to take the next step in this journey, you must have chosen your TimeTravel Buddy (or buddy triad) and confirmed that they also plan to register here. To learn more about Mythical Events' buddy system, please click here for the FAQ