Mythical Events and AORTA Films present:  (present)

Dear time travelers, we’ve struggled through the past and reached towards the future with queer ritual. We’ve opened the possibility space and tangled our sweat into the branching futures that fork ahead of us to invoke our future selves into our bodies, to feel the futurity of our liberated bodies and our post-scarcity sex.

With Futurefuck, we let the future fill us. In (present), we seek to stretch luxuriously into the fullness and complexity of our bodies
To invite wild pleasure and joy into the room through us and with us
To metabolize our collective grief
To feel the nerve endings regrow in our scars
To be fiercely and rebelliously and shockingly and obscenely alive
To bind fractured memories into a shifting (w)hole
To collapse the fractal clusters of past and future moments into an ever expanding (present)

(present) is a collaboration between Mythical Events and AORTA Films.

This event is the after party for the world premiere of the A.O. Movement Collective and Aorta Films' new project, ( ) (pronounced "Whole"). You can learn more about ( ) and buy tickets at: http://theinvisibledog.org/by-aorta-films/

Our journey will begin on January 5th at a Brooklyn location which will be disclosed to you in your invitation. Doors will open at 22:00 and close at 23:00.

(present) is a screened event and you must fill out this registration form to attend. Mythical Events are committed to creating an anti-oppressive space, to holding anti-white supremacist, anti-transmisogynist, anti-ableist, and consent-focused boundaries around the space that we create. We take the worldbuilding opportunity of the play party to imagine a safe space for people who have experienced trauma, for trans and gender variant people, and for people whose sexualities, bodies, and desires have been stigmatized, marginalized, or made them the subject of violence. We work to foster and effectuate a way of interacting with each other that prioritizes each individual’s safety and agency.

Entrance to (present) is sliding scale between $10 and $25, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Just let us know how we can make your attendance possible, and we'll do it!

Please note: In order to take the next step in this journey, you must have chosen your Buddy (or buddy triad) and confirmed that they also plan to register here. To learn more about Mythical Events' buddy system, please see: http://mythpartynyc.com/faq